Update Log

Game In Development Release: Winter of 2021???

Update 12.0.0

• Complete redesign of the entire game

• New buttons

• Made for easier use and compatible now with the latest devices

• More updates coming to Asfal as well

• More updates coming to The return to the motherboard, with a store redesign next!!!

Update 10.0.0

• Huge Update

• Final Boss

• Voice actor is back!

• Boss Fight Music

Update 9.1.2

• Now the game is available on the app store

• Full re-design

• more available on the google play store update log and the app store

Update 6.4.6

• Now the game has no black spaces

Update 6.2.6

• Holiday Season Version

• New icon

• New skin for Hoster

• Now if the enemy goes of the screen an new enemy will take his place

• (Soon New Boss, a interesting one)

• All Android versions possible

Update 6.0.2

• Ads

• Bug fiexs

Update 5.9.4

• Controller Support!!!

• Vist the website that is specified below for the controls

• Bug Fixes

Update 5.8.3

• New Section

• New Voice Actor

• Achievement Bug Fix

• New theme (coming soon)

Update 5.7.2

• A new alert each time you beat one of the achievements

• A store related bug fix